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The Little Soldiers will continue with the help of Federal Authorities and the Native American Rights Federation in the investigation of the senseless slaying of Lightning Medicine Cloud, regardless of Hunt County Sheriff's decision to end the case.  Furthermore, Arby and Pat want every supporter and loyal friend who have carried this burden with them to know, they are dedicated to fight for the truth and light to be revealed.

Albert and Kathy Old Crow, and Yolanda Blue Horse are an afterthought, with their continuous harrassment on the radio, television, and internet, and stalking of their property.  The Little Soldiers have retained lawyers to look out for their best interest, and the truth in regard to the murder of a sacred, white buffalo baby calf.  Words cannot express their gratitude for the thousands of people who continue to assist and support them with encouraging messages, emails,  donations, and time.  The Lightning Medicine Cloud website will remain open for upcoming news and updates, however Facebook has never been a spiritual thing for them, and is therefore discontinued. "We are convinced that God will continue the good work HE has started.  Many Blessings.
Arby and Pat Little Soldier and...
Lightning Medicine Cloud - Gone But NEVER Forgotten

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July 29, 2012
UPDATE to GRAND JURY Meeting on July 27th at Hunt County Courthouse

Arby and Pat Little Soldier, along with Frank Owens of Greenville, TX met with Hunt Co. Sheriff Roger Seals, and TX Ranger, Laura Simmons on Friday, July 27th at 10:30 AM  to 1:30 PM for an interview and interrogation regarding the status/progress with the murder of Lightning Medicine Cloud, found slaughtered on April 30th, 2012 at 9:00 AM at the pasture gate of Lakota Ranch.  It appears Arby and Pat Little Soldier are considered "suspects" in the slaughter of the sacred white buffalo calf, as they were questioned about an Insurance Policy on LMC, monies fromLMC and Dam donations to the Reward Fund and Scholarship Powwow Fund, and care/maintenance of the buffalo before and after the slaying of LMC. Ms. Simmons reported there were conflicting details and stories from the interviews they conducted with other suspects, and even with all of the information Little Soldiers presented from proof of ownership of the buffalo, to veterinarian statements, she was NOT convinced the motives of "hate and jealousy" were enough to proceed with this case. The term, "cold case" was used to describe the current status of this horrendous crime, and the Hunt County Grand Jury did not meet about the slaughter of Lightning Medicine Cloud on July 27th. 

As a result of this meeting, the Little Soldiers are posting facts for all viewers, supporters, friends, mourners, and interested persons:

  1. There was not an insurance policy on Lightning Medicine Cloud. A policy from Loyds of London was offered to the Little Soldiers for  $100,000.00 at a cost of $10,000, which was declined due to lack of funds. LMC was a gift from God. No monetary value could replace what he meant to the Little Soldiers and the thousands who were blessed by his birth, and message.
  2. There is no doubt that the people who killed LMC had to be very close and trusted by the Little Soldiers. Due to the similarities between LMC and his half-brother, Red Cloud, it was very difficult to tell them apart from Dec. 2011 to April 2012.  Only the Little Soldiers and war chiefs were able to make that distinction.  
  3. Arby and Pat Little Soldier have announced to Hunt Co. Sheriff and TX Ranger, in charge of this case, 5 prime suspects, specific details of past events which lead to the slaughter of LMC, and motives.  No written reports from either Hunt Co. Sheriff or TX Ranger Departments have been supplied to the Little Soldiers, after 2 months.
  4. Following the meeting with Little Soldiers, Frank Owens, Sheriff Seals, and TX Ranger Simmons, the Little Soldiers have concluded there is no other recourse than to take this case to a national/federal level, for justice to be served.  Arby and Pat Little Soldier will spend whatever is necessary and complete due process of the law, until justice has been served for this senseless crime.
  5. The Reward Fund of $45,000.00 is from the following persons:  Arby and Pat Little Soldier donating $20,000 of personal money made from the sale of two horses in OKC the weekend LMC was slaughtered; $5,000 from an anonymous supporter who sent their check to Hunt Co. Sheriff Dept. along with a letter explaining that the $5,000 can be used for the conviction of the people responsible for LMC's murder, or for the Scholarship Powwow, or for whatever expenses were accrued at Lakota Ranch due to the death of LMC.. That check was mailed to Little Soldiers in May from Hunt Co. Sheriff Dept. and deposited into Alliance Bank. The remaining $20,000 was verbally offered by a group of businessmen from Dallas and surrounding areas, to match the amount from the Little Soldiers, but is not in their possession, nor in a bank account of theirs. Names of the donors were given to Ms. Simmons. The Reward Fund of $45,000 for the conviction of persons who killed LMC remains intact.
  6. Nobie Walker, Hunt County District Attorney and U.S. Representative Dan Flynn have been very supportive in seeing this crime brought to justice and anyone wishing to contact either on behalf of this case, are urged to email them as follows:
    Nobie Walker:  and 
    US Representative Dan Flynn:
  7. The Annual Greenville Scholarship Powwow and Memorial For Lightning Medicine Cloud" WILL CONTINUE each year on the  weekend closest to LMC's birthday, May 12th.  To date, two white buffalo bulls and twelve additional buffalo cows have been donated to the Little Soldiers. Plans to ship/deliver these buffalo are on hold until LMCs case is completed. 

"JUSTICE FOR LIGHTNING MEDICINE CLOUD IN 2012" is ongoing. With gratitude for the compassion to all whom have sent emails, letters, cards, gifts, and donations for this cause, May You Be Blessed Indeed. "AHO". 

Arby and Pat Little Soldier will continue to stay true to who they are and what Lightning Medicine Cloud's life was all about, and are convinced justice will prevail.  IN GOD WE TRUST.

Many Thanks and Blessings, 
Pat Little Soldier
Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Seek, and you shall find.



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To All of Our Brothers and Sisters who have watched and supported Lightning Medicine Cloud's life and message, we say, Thank You from our hearts.  Words cannot express the feelings/emotions that have passed through our minds, thoughts, and souls since finding Lightning Medicine Cloud's bones against the fence, where 11 months before he was showcased in front of thousands of anxious visitors as, The Hope of All Nations. Little Soldier

The devil came to steal, kill, and destroy our precious white buffalo calf, in the middle of the night on April 28th, 2012.  How very lost and evil these killers must be to hurt a sacred, white buffalo calf who brought so much to so many. However, as we reflect back on all the good that was achieved and accomplished in the short time we were blessed with "Lightning", we are thankful for the families that have been reunited, the healing that took place in hundreds of people, the visitors and guests who opened their hearts and gifts to us, and all the thousands of emails, letters, cards, and donations we have received since his tragic murder.

On Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 at 10:00 AM, Arby Little Soldier will hold an important Press Conference at Lakota Ranch for all Media and any supporters/interested parties, concerning the murder of Lightning Medicine Cloud.  It has been almost 3 months since LMC's death, and there is an urgency for all concerned supporters to come together as one in order to accomplish "Justice for Lightning Medicine Cloud".

The Hunt County Grand Jury will meet on Friday, July 27th, 2012 in Greenville to determine if the evidence gathered by the Hunt County Sheriff's Dept. is enough to deem this murder a hate crime or simply a felony with possibility of $1,000 maximum fine.

Arby and Pat Little Soldier of Lakota Ranch, are making a plea for all people to join us in this crucial crusade on behalf of "Justice for Lightning Medicine Cloud", to urge our Hunt County District Attorney, Nobie Walker, to push this horrendous act of murder into the classification of a  hate crime, and not just be treated as a slaughter of an animal.  Mr. Walker can be emailed at for anyone wishing to offer support on behalf of LMC's fate.

Please read the 2 page letter which was submitted by Arby Little Soldier to the following: Nobie Walker, Hunt Co. DA; Honorable Tracy Toulou at the Office of Tribal Justice in Washington, DC; Dan Flynn, TX House of Representatives; NARF (Native American Rights Federation) in Boulder, CO; the SPCA of TX; Talley Plume of the Pine Ridge Nation in SD;  Tex Hall, Tribal Chairman of the Three Affiliated Tribes in Newtown, ND and former National Tribal Chairman; and SD, US Attorney, Brendan V. Johnson who resides over 16 states including TX.

Acrobat Required  2 Page Letter


Lightning Medicine Cloud, a  true, spiritual blessing was born at the Lakota Ranch on May 12, 2011, has now joined his earth father and our heavenly father. Also, Lightning's mother, "Buffalo Woman", also went on to join her son one day after burying Lightning.

Momma and LightningThere is an internal investigation through Hunt County Sheriff and Homeland Security in process, and a $5,000 reward offered for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved in the premeditated crime deaths of Lightning Medicine Cloud and his mother, Buffalo Woman. Thus far, the investigation has concluded that neither were killed by natural causes. This crime is too senseless to imagine and our hearts are heavy with sadness.

The Greenville Scholarship Powwow scheduled for May 11-12, 2012 will proceed as planned, and will continue to celebrate the birth of a rare, non-albino, white, male buffalo who was brought in by God, but taken out by hands of evil people. We welcome one and all to join us for the Traditional Scholarship Powwow that Greenville has hosted for the past 18 years, which will be held at the Lakota Ranch in Greenville, TX.

As we mourn the death of Lightning Medicine Cloud and his mother, it is so important to us that his legacy will forever live on through the message he brought as, "The Hope of All Nations". Lightning was brought in as a spiritual blessing from God and taken out by the hands of evil people. We will gird ourselves with new strength, as we know this terrible crime will NOT go unsolved, and there will be closure for us all, and consequences for those who did it.

May you all rest in peace, dearest Gentle Ben, Lightning Medicine Cloud, and Buffalo Woman.
You will be missed very much, but NEVER forgotten.  It has been our honor to have taken care of you and shared in your greatness.  

Arby and Pat Little Soldier
May 04, 2012


Lakota Ranch is saddened to announce the passing of "Gentle Ben".

Gentle Ben
Last Tues. (April 3rd ) during the storms and tornadoes, we lost "Ben",our 8 yr. old bull (Lightning's daddy). He was struck by a huge bolt of lightning in the pasture and was blown up, about 50 feet away from Arby.

We were very sad, but trust that he did not feel anything since it happened.

Rest In Peace our Dear Ben..

In an interview for White Buffalo: An American Prophecy, Arby Little Soldier comments on the birth of a sacred White Buffalo - Lightning Medicine Cloud - on the Lakota Ranch in Texas, and what it means for humanity.


(10 January 2012) Greenville, TX – Lakota Ranch has announced the Annual Greenville Scholarship Native American Powwow will be held on  May 11th–12th , 2012, instead of the third weekend in January.

The 18th Annual Greenville Scholarship Native American Powwow which has for years been a celebration of Native American culture, will continue as part of a larger event to celebrate the birthday of Lightning Medicine Cloud, a white, male buffalo calf born on May 12, 2011.  The event will be held at the Lakota Ranch in Greenville, TX continuing the long-tradition of scholarship support for Native American students in the area.  

The Powwow in Greenville features several champions in Native American dancing, competing in various styles, as well as vendors offering Native American food, arts and crafts. Participants come from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico. Over the years, the Greenville Scholarship Native American Powwow has grown into one of the largest gatherings in the State of Texas for Native American culture.

The 1st Annual Lightning Medicine Cloud Birthday and Powwow begins a new era celebrating the gift of the white buffalo calf to the people and Lakota Ranch in 2011.  The two-day event will feature Native American dance competition, music, art, food and more, as an honor to Lightning Medicine Cloud and his message of unity and hope. 

The calf was born May 12, 2011 during a thunderstorm, and the very rare, non-albino, white buffalo male calf is considered a blessing by Native Americans. “We are excited to continue to honor and learn from this gift of Lightning Medicine Cloud,” says Arby Little Soldier.  He adds “The birthday and Powwow in May will be an exciting event celebrating the miracle of Lightning Medicine Cloud.”

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Rare White Buffalo Calf Gets Name:



Sacred White Buffalo Born in Texas:

Greenville, Texas - Chamber of Commerce Press Release

Sacred White Buffalo to receive ceremony – All Nations Invited
Greenville, TX (June 13, 2011) – On May 12th, ,  amidst a thunderstorm was born to this earth a white buffalo calf  of such rarity it is considered sacred by many nations and tribes and is fulfills the “Hope of the World Prophecy”.

To honor this sacred gift from the heavens, the Lakota Ranch - 2888 Highway 380 in Greenville, TX  75401, will be celebrating him with an “Official Naming Ceremony”, “Official Blessing” and “Official Dedication”. This ceremony will include many Elder’s and Medicine Men of North and South Dakota.
Ceremonial Regalia will be displayed and we invite all who attend to honor “Lightning Medicine Cloud” by dressing in your native Regalia.

The Ranch, owned and operated by Arby and Pat Little Soldier, will have plenty of public parking, RV Parking and campsite for those who wish to join in this joyous event.

In addition to the ceremony, there will be Native American vendors on display, traditional food and music. A footpath and seating area for giving ohms and offerings will be open upon completion of the ceremonies where visitors may view “Lightning Medicine Cloud” and his herd.

Arby and Pat invite all Elder’s, Tribes and Nations to attend and rejoice in the most Sacred and Prophetic event in recent Native American times.

If you would like to display your Native crafts or become a food vendor please contact Arby Little Soldier at (903) 450-1859 to coordinate your space.

For more information or just to send a prayer or offering to Lightning Medicine Cloud, feel free to visit the website at: